PressureGuard® Turn Select®

Lateral Rotation Air Therapy

The PressureGuard Turn Select provides easily customizable lateral rotation 24 hours a day. By slowly, gently and quietly repositioning the user, the Turn Select facilitates treatment of pressure ulcers while helping to offset the hazards of immobility.

Hand-held pendant control allows convenient programming of the system`s four operating modes. Caregivers can select a standard turning program, or create a pattern fully customized to the patient's condition.

Select Roll Angles of 5, 15, or up to 30 degrees.

Select Roll Patterns in any combination of left, center and right.

Select Dwell Times of 1, 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes in any position or angle.

Microprocessor controlled motion system is integrated directly into mattress, leaving no bulky pump or external air lines to contend with. Just hour after hour of whisper-quiet, trouble free operation. Even during power loss, the system maintains proper inflation and support until power is restored and rotation can be resumed.

Other features include CPR mode, program lock-out, and CPR alarm. Includes exclusive Geo-Matt® anti-shearing top surface, Heel Slope™ feature, and Safety Edge™ stability bolster system found in all PressureGuard models.

Weight limit: 350 lbs.

Mattress weight: 28 lbs.

Warranty: 2-years, non-prorated.

The PressureGuard® Turn Select® is recognized for reimbursement under Medicare Code: E0277.