SilverCare™ Gel Positioners

Span-America, the premier manufacturer of foam patient positioners, expands the product line to include SilverCare Gel Positioners. Made with SynerGel™, a temperature-stable silicone gel that provides exceptional support and comfort.

Exclusive Bonus: the contact surface is infused with a safe silver additive - Select Silver® . These reusable positioners readily conform for patient stability, support and pressure redistribution - providing the best environment for both patient and medical personnel.

Additional features:

  • SynerGel™ can be warmed or cooled depending on patient requirements
  • Durability - won't leak or evaporate
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Special film surface wipes clean easily with hospital grade disinfectant

Head Donut: to position the patient's head and affords easy access to the head and neck. Protects the head, neck and ears during surgery or other procedures.
Sizes/Item No.

Pediatric (small) - 25248
Adolescent (medium) - 27585
Adults (large) - 60516 

Horseshoe Head Ring: suitable for patients in prone of lateral position. The special "horseshoe" design provides easy access for intubation.
Sizes/Item No.

Pediatric (small) - 26007
Adolescent (medium) - 70499
Adults (large) - 12471 


Torso Rolls: the flat bottom design offers excellent stability and comfort while positioning patients.
Sizes/Item No.
12"x4"x4" - 25999
16"x4"x4" - 41093


Armboard Pads: for use on standard table extensions, these pads protect the forearm, elbow and bicep areas.
Sizes/Item No.
Medium - 72821
Large - 65328 
X-Large - 40655


Table Pad: provides protection, comfort and stability during various surgical procedures.
Size/Item No.

20" x 72" x 1/2";99049