SELAN® DM Diabetics’ Intensive Moisturizing Cream

Formulated for the total body moisturizing needs of diabetic users, Selan DM protects, hydrates and softens dry, rough skin.  Part of a daily skin care regimen, Selan DM formula is non-greasy, petrolatum-free and easy to apply.  It absorbs quickly and is fragrance-free and paraben-free.

The active ingredient, dimethicone, locks in moisture and combines with the aloe extract, allantoin, for intensive skin care and protection.  Selan DM is available in 4 oz. tubes.

User comment:

“I am a psoriasis patient, mostly the extremities are affected.  I am also allergic to lanolin which is in so many OTC products.  I have tried many skin products because my dermatologist wants me to keep my skin hydrated.  Nothing has worked as well as the Selan Moisturizing Cream.  I have had much clearer skin since starting.  I’ve also sampled the foot cream – AMAZING! I wear sandals all summer and have callouses on heels – gone now with use of the foot cream.  This is a wonderful product!”
Carolyn S. - RPh