Rehab Care

Our product series includes carefully engineered surfaces, seating and positioners for the rehab patient. Documented powered therapies are combined with important fall prevention safety features in our PressureGuard® surface series. Proven Geo-Matt top surface science supports healing of macerated skin. 

Powered Surface Series

Custom Care® Convertible Series:
Our respected PressureGuard® family of powered and non-powered surfaces has grown with the launch of the Custom Care® Convertible series. Built on PressureGuard’s proven technology, the Custom Care Convertible’s engineered step down facility assures adequate and even pressure when the surface becomes non-powered.

Custom Care® Convertible
A feature of the Custom Care® Convertible is its additional clinician-acclaimed anti-shear feature, the Shear Transfer Zones™.    


Custom Care® Convertible LAL
The Custom Care® Convertible LAL provides low-air-loss technology in a convertible surface. 

PressureGuard® Easy Air™

The PressureGuard® Easy Air™is independently documented to outperform every leading low-air-loss system. Clinicians choose low-air-loss therapy to address maceration, the weakening of the skin due to excess moisture. Two additional models expand the Easy Air series; the Easy Air LR adds lateral rotation making documented effective continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT) possible. Easy Air XL provides low-air-loss and alternating pressure therapies for the Bariatric Patient up to 1000 lbs. Easy Air low-air-loss treatment is not encumbered with the compromises users have come to accept. The outstanding features that distinguish the Easy Air include its exclusive Air Diffusion Matrix, PressureGuard air/foam design and its Safety Edge™ which won't collapse like air-only mattresses can. In addition to low-air-loss, the efficient control unit also powers relieving alternating pressure therapy. Like many of our products, the Easy Air is recognized for reimbursement under Medicare Code.


The design science in our comprehensive seat cushion series is focused on important Medicare-defined areas of wound treatment, positioning, wound prevention and comfort. For the bariatric patient we also offer three options for seating the patient who weighs up to 500 lbs.

Geo-Matt® PRT
The Geo-Matt® PRT is a therapeutic seat cushion and at 3 inches tall, is a modification of the exclusive Geo-Matt design. This creates the lower, firmer base needed by many wheelchair users for safe transfers, easier propulsion, and better fit into the wheelchair/cushion system.

The Equalizer® contoured positioning cushion features an ultra-comfortable viscoelastic “memory foam” top, a contoured foundation layer for proper positioning of the legs, and an extra-soft relief zone for high risk bony prominences. Three zones of a proprietary, gel-like soft polymer provide added pressure dispersion under the thighs, greater trochanters, and ischial/tailbone region. The moisture-resistant cover has a rugged nylon bottom with a 2-way stretch fabric top and convenient front carry handle. The Equalizer is available in four standard sizes with an average weight of just 4 pounds. Also available in bariatric sizes.

Fall Protection

The Risk Manager is a new concept in bedside safety mats which provides excellent support in long-term care where patient safety from falls is in sharp focus.

Risk Manager and Risk Manager XL
The Risk Manager and new Risk Manager XL is unlike other fall pads which are made from scrap foam carpet underlayment. The Risk Manager is engineered from elastomeric gel compound and is made with a non-slip, textured top surface and non-skid, slide-resistant bottom surface.