PressureGuard APM2 Deluxe Testimonials

My wonderful wife who is now an octogenarian has been disabled for several years. About two years ago she could no longer ambulate and became bed bound. Even with watchful care she developed a bed sore (severe).  An alternating pressure mattress was recommended and we were able to obtain a Span-America PressureGuard APM2. My wife showed significant improvement upon putting the mattress in use. Bed sores are always a concern for a bed bound patient, but using the alternating pressure mattress from Span America, APM2 has reduced our anxiety and fear over this matter.

Thank you for an excellent product.

Robert Brelock
Nashville, TN

 "We had a resident who admitted with intention to die. He admitted from home with a Stage IV with tunneling. The area was so large you could fit an inverted cereal bowl inside the wound. From the time he was in our facility until the time he went home, he was on a PressureGuard APM2 Deluxe. When he left he was completely healed and was able to go back into the community. We have successfully healed three other Stage IV wounds in the past two years on the PressureGuard APM2."

Marlisa Thompson, BSE
Green Acres Nursing Home
Paragould, AR