Positioners Overview




Heel Manager™

The Heel Manager with a 30% larger surface area supports both limbs comfortably while not restricting patient movement. Dual-layer construction allows maximum immersion and won’t bottom out.

Span+Aids® Positioners 

Span-America introduced Span+Aids, the industry's first-ever line of patient positioners that are specific to certain body sites.  Span+Aids have been developed in conjunction with nurses, therapists, and surgeons to ensure that each product is effective for the need.  Today, Span+Aids are the most innovative, the most widely recognized, and the most relied upon patient positioners anywhere.


SilverCare™ Gel Positioners

Reusable SilverCare Gel positioners made with SynerGel™ – a temperature-stable silicone gel. The contact surface is infused with a safe silver additive – SelectSilver®. These reusable positioners provide exceptional support and comfort, and readily conform for patient stability and pressure redistribution.