GeoMattress Studies

Abstracted Studies

"A Comparative Study of Interface Pressures on Two Hospital Polyurethane Foam Mattresses"
Gregory W. McGrew, MEBME, in Clinical Reports: Series on Skin and Wound Care Management, Dec. 1997.

The Heel Slope feature on the Geo-mattress Max reduced pressure from the heels by an average of 27% as compared with the MaxiFloatš LXP Mattress.

"Replacement Mattress Evaluation: Geo-Mattress Max"
Judy W. Murphy, RN, BSN, in Clinical Reports: Series on Skin and Wound Care Management, Sept. 1998.

This write-up is the result of a blinded head-to-head comparison among three all-foam replacement mattresses. The Geo-Mattress Max was the clear winner in Clinician Satisfaction, patient Satisfaction, and Patient Comfort, and equivalent to the other two surfaces in Skin Assessment. The Geo-Mattress Max was selected as the surface of choice for this 350-bed acute care hospital.

"Evaluating the Long-Term Performance of a Foam-Core Hospital Replacement Mattress"
Thomas Krouskop, PHd, PE et al, in JWOCN, Vol 21, No. 6, Nov 1994.

This study compare the stiffness of new foam replacement mattresses to 2-year-old mattresses. Stiffness at the sacral-coccyx region decreased 53%, heel region decreased 41%, and the head region decreased 30%. A new foam replacement product may approximate the "ideal" load carrying needs, but these abilities will change significantly with time.

"Quality Improvement in Patient Treatment and Cost-Effective Care with the Geo-Mattress Pro®"
Judy Hussey, RN, BSN, Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, FL, in Clinical Reports: Series on Skin and Wound Care Management, Jan, 2000.

120 beds in Acute Care, Skilled Care, and Geriatrics areas of this 900-bed state facility were replaced with the Geo-Mattress Pro foam mattress. Results: Monthly incidence rate of skin breakdown decreased by 50%. Cost of rental surfaces decreased by 81%, from an average of $6,461.50 per month to $1,229.00 per month.