PressureGuard Custom Care Convertible Testimonials

When our Inpatient Hospice facility was ready for new mattresses we purchased the Pressure Guard Custom Care Convertibles. The bed frames in the facility are larger than traditional hospital beds and Span-America made custom mattresses to fit the frames. Once the mattresses were in use we monitored for pressure ulcer incidence.  We are very pleased that the incidence of pressure ulcers over that year was "zero". We have purchased several powered "pumps" that allow for additional alternating pressure or lateral rotation that are used when the patient's condition indicates.

Sherrie Donald, RN, CWOCN
Visiting Nurse Service and Hospice of Suffolk
Northport, NY

I am writing this in reference regarding the PressureGuard Custom Care Convertible mattress from your company Span-America.  This was our first experience with Span-America products when we trialed it on a hand full of patients.  One patient in particular, a younger gentleman who is a quadriplegic, was trialed on the Customer Care convertible.  This patient is challenged with severe decubiti on his coccyx area and had been on Hill Rom air mattress prior to this.  The feedback I have received from him has been very positive and he is much more pleased with the comfort of this mattress vs. the Hill Rom.  The wound clinic has also seen improvement in his wounds and has been pleased with the mattress as well.

Thanks for all of your help.

Fauquier Health Rehab & Nursing Center
Warrenton, VA

Chad Perkey

"I LOVE the mattress! I used it on a resident that we were having shearing issues with and it worked like a charm. She was pushing herself up in bed and her bottom was a mess and when we changed to the Custom Care Convertible mattress and she cleared up. I love the no pump needed but allows for the flexibility If I do need one.  I would definitely love to have these mattresses in the facility!"

Nancy Cadwell, Infection Control RN
Litchfield Woods
Torrington, CT

"We have purchased the new Custom Care Convertible mattress from Span-America early 2011. Since placing these mattresses we have seen a reduction in heel ulcers, stave IV ulcers heal completely and patients express how comfortable these mattresses are. Staff members have reported that they can see an immediate difference in patient's wounds and state patients are sleeping more comfortably. We appreciate the flexibility of adding a pump as needed if the patient requires a powered surface. We are pleased with our purchases and greatly satisfied with the quality and outcomes that we have seen with the Custom Care Convertible."

Michelle Sullivan, LNHA
Care Center Administrator
Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington, MN

"Since instituting the Span-America mattresses, we have noticed a decrease in pressure areas."

Christine Gibbs, BSN, RN
Unit Manager
York Memorial Hospital
York, PA

"On the day of the upgrade, the Span-America staff was instrumental to smooth the process."

Tina Rosengrant, RN
Unit Coordinator
York Memorial Hospital
York, PA

I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank Span-America and Ms. Allison Vulliet for assisting us with our recent purchase of the Custom Care Convertible Mattress and Control Unit.  The veterans here at the VA Medical Center in Leeds, Massachusetts, have given the new mattresses two thumbs up.  The mattresses were purchased to replace those on our two units in the Community Living Center.  These are units that house a population of veterans that are at risk for skin breakdown.  The additional purchase of the control units will allow us to provide specialized skin care for those veterans at a greater risk for skin breakdown.  I wanted to thank Span-America and their team in the overall purchase and delivery of the mattresses and control units.  They made the transition easy and without major disruption to the veterans activities of Daily Living.  Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


Jeffrey J. Benoit, MSN, RN
Infection Control Program Manager/ MDRO Coordinator
421 North Main Street
Leeds, MA. 01053
413-588-4040 x 2233