PressureGuard® APM Bariatric

Alternating Pressure Air Therapy

Unlike other alternating pressure mattresses, the PressureGuard APM does not create extreme pressure gradients between inflated and deflated cylinders.

On top, the Geo-Matt anti-shearing surface forms a comfortable, therapeutic interface between the air system and the user. It absorbs and smoothes sharp pressure drop-offs that other surfaces can't, while the air system does the "heavy lifting" below, alternating weightbearing across the surface in ten-minute cycles.

Six cylinders are programmed to inflate/deflate in a four-up-two-down pattern, ensures maximum patient support throughout the cycle.

Digital control unit features

- up to four times the air output of conventional units

- eight electronically-controlled comfort settings

- programmable cycle times of 20, 25, 30, or 35 minutes

- low pressure indicator and audible alarm

Other standard PressureGuard features include the exclusive Heel Slope taper, and two-part Safety-Edge bolster system for added stability when sitting or transferring.

Weight limit: 750 lbs.

Pump: Conforms to UL 60602-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 NO.601.1

Warranty:  18 months non-prorated.

The PressureGuard® APM is recognized for reimbursement under Medicare Code: E0277.