APM2 Studies

Abstracted Studies

Lateral Rotation Mattresses for Wound Healing
Carol Anderson, RN, PHN, and Laurie M. Rappl, PT, CWS; Ostomy/Wound Management April 2004:50(4):50-62.

Report on use of Lateral Rotation mode on APM 2 for Stage 2, 3, 4 pressure ulcers on 30 patients in home health and long term care. Results: Stage 2 ulcers averaged 9 weeks to closure, Stage 3 and 4 ulcers averaged 11 weeks to closure. Closure rate of 16% per week for Stage 2 ulcers and 12% per week for Stage 3 and 4 ulcers compare favorably with 5% per week on low-air-loss recently reported in literature.

Botsford General Hospital, Farmington Hills, MI

Documents the use of the PressureGuard APM 2 on eight patients with respiratory involvement who are transferring out of ICU or CCU and who have existing pressure ulcers on the sacrum, or who require a ventilator. Results: All showed improvement during their hospitalization.

Promina Gwinnett Health System, Lawrenceville, GA

Case study using APM2 on 77-year-old resident in hospice, with end-stage lymphoma and four Stage II-IV pressure ulcers on trunk/pelvis. Patientís medical condition made wound healing an unrealistic goal. Result: Stage II ulcers healed, Stage IV ulcer stabilized, patient noted much more comfort in sleep, uninterrupted by staff coming in to turn her through the night.

Valley Falls Terrace, Inc., Spartanburg, SC

Use of the PressureGuard APM2 in treatment of a long-term-care resident with multiple Stage I/IIís on trunk and lower extremities. Result: Resolution of Stage Iís, Stage II on sacrum decreased in depth by 50% in 3 weeks.