The ADVANTAGE ReadyWide Bed

With ReadyWide Integrated
Expansion and smart technology
enabling advanced clinical and
resident positioning.



Span's Advantage ReadyWide bed is loaded with design features, including...

High Capacity Plus Model

Advantage ReadyWide Plus model delivers an expanded Safe Working Load (SWL) of 650 lbs while including  all of the features of the Standard ( 500 lbs SWL) model.



Intelligent Smart Stop improves low-bed safety and ergonomics




Smart Stop prevents falls by prohibiting the user from trying to egress from a dangerously too-low level.  Lowering down into low height zone is only possible using the FEC.  Flashing indicators display as bed goes into low height zone.  Under-bed indicators can also be switched over to discreet nighttime floor level illumination. 


3-Position Assist Device


Ergonomic 3-position assist device locks at right angle to the bed for sturdy ingress/egress support, protecting both user and caregiver. Both 3-position and half-length assist device made of molded, pleasing-to-touch materials.








Standard pendant controller, including auto-contour



Standard foot end controls with lockout and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg