Acute Care / Hospital

Span-America is a pioneer and market leader in surface, seating and positioner design. Our ACUTE CARE products are the clinician’s ally in the prevention of hospital acquired (nosocomial) infections and NEVER EVENTS.

Powered Surfaces in Acute Care

Custom Care® Convertible Series:
The Custom Care® Convertible series is designed for ease and flexibility of treatment as well as cost efficiency. As patients improve, stepping down from powered therapy is a simple matter of removing the control unit, an approach that can save significantly on rental costs.  This product is one of 5 available in models to fit recessed deck frames.

Non-powered Surfaces in Acute Care

Innovative design sets UltraMax™ apart from typical reactive surfaces and enables it to exceed even the most rigorous requirements of the acute health care setting. The unique new Geo-Mattress® UltraMax™ reactive surface with 3-Dimensional Zoning™ offers protection to the seat section against “bottoming out” even during repeated head and foot of bed elevating. The UltraMax™ bi-directional stretch cover prevents heels, sacrum, and scapula from “digging into” the surface, gliding the user back to the original position following head of bed elevation instead.  This product is one of 5 available in models to fit recessed deck frames.

Therapeutic Seating in Acute Care

The exclusive Geo-Matt® design four inch therapeutic seat cushion with Ring-of-Air® ventilation provides outstanding pressure reduction and comfort. Individually responsive cells cradle bony prominences and reduce shearing.

Patient Positioners in Acute Care

Span+Aids®, have been developed in conjunction with nurses, therapists, and surgeons, and are notable as the industry's first-ever line of patient positioners that are specific to certain body sites. Span+Aids® are the most innovative, the most widely recognized, and the most relied upon patient positioners anywhere.

Surgical and Post-op:
Surgical and post-op including Open Heart Surgery Kit, leg elevators, O.R. pads/pillows, elbow/heel protectors and abduction pillows  

Extremities including Foot Drop Stop, Cradle Boot, Limb Elevator, Leg Trough, Upper Limb Positioner, Splint